Summer Car Care Tips

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Can Hot Weather Drain a Car Battery summer care care tips how to protect your care from the summer heat

Extreme heat can cause problems with your car’s battery during the summer months.

Can Hot Weather Drain a Car Battery

Many drivers don’t think about having to take the proper precautions when it comes to driving their car in the summer. After all, many believe that it is the winter months that are the true culprit behind much of the wear and tear our vehicles experience, with dying or dead car batteries being of particular concern. Though some may attribute that to cold weather in the winter, others may ask, can hot weather drain a car battery? The simple answer is, yes.

Hot weather can drain the life out of your car’s battery, When the temperature gets particularly high, the battery fluid can evaporate, meaning that damage can occur to the internal structure. Extreme heat can send your battery toward its dying days.

5 Summer Car Care Tips

There is more to summer car care than just batteries, though. View our list of other summer car care tips to make sure you and your vehicle are protected from the heat.

  1. Have your battery inspected by a professional technician during the summer to make sure that it is in proper condition. This could help you avoid any unwanted problems later on or during the cold winter months.
  1. Keep your tires properly inflated. An underinflated tire is never good, but in the summer heat, they can be susceptible to blow outs. You should also make sure they have the proper tread depth.
  1. Make sure your vehicle is filled with all the necessary fluids, like motor oil and brake fluid. Feel free to schedule an appointment with our service department to make sure all these areas are in-line for your summer trips.
  1. Do your best to keep the interior of your car cool. Avoid parking in the shade or use a sunshade to keep the vehicle cooler while parked. You can even put blankets or towels over leather seats to keep them from soaking up the sun’s heat.
  1. We all like our personal tech devices like our cell phones or laptops. While it can be easy to get in the habit of leaving these in the car, make sure to remove them if you’re going to have your vehicle parked in the summer heat, as the hot weather can cause temporary or permanent problems. If you have to leave a device in your vehicle, leave it in the trunk instead, which can be cooler in some cases.

So, can hot weather drain a car battery? Yes. But there are other concerns to be aware of when it comes to the summer heat and your car. For any questions, feel free to contact us at Mazda of Lodi. Drive safe and stay cool this summer.

15 Responses to “Summer Car Care Tips”

  1. Yes, the obvious answer is hot weather can drain the life out of the car’s battery. When the temperatures goes exceptionally high, then the fluid of the battery can evaporate, which means that damage can occur to the internal structure. In other words we may tell that extreme heat can send the car battery towards its dying days. This is the case of case of battery over charging which makes it more difficult to deliver the power to turn over the engine. Thus, we must have to take proper care of our car battery especially during the hot summer.

  2. Ethan Hodge says:

    Of course, Yes. The flaming heat of summer can easily drain your car battery. Basically, when it comes to a dead car battery, winter weather takes more publicity. I think it’s quite obvious. Because battery failure mostly occurs in the inclement weather condition. But if you consider draining, then the hot weather will only be the cause. The excessive heat of summer can not only stress your car cooling system but also take a toll on your automobile battery. The high heat can make your battery fluid to evaporate and burn up your car batteries. So, you must take the preventive measures and inspect your battery condition regularly to prevent continuous draining and make it last longer.

  3. Levi green says:

    Extreme temperature of the summer season has negative impacts on different components of the vehicle including the engine. So, such components should be provided with suitable maintenance in order to minimize adverse impacts of the summer on such components. And, I do agree with the fact that vehicles should be parked in shade in order to prevent the adverse impacts of the solar radiation on the vehicle. Vehicles needs to be washed properly by professionals and should be provided with a wax cover in order to minimize the effects of the solar radiation on the vehicle.

  4. Rosa Paula says:

    Seasonal maintenance is very much important for every car. During hot summer different components of the vehicle are affected including it’s engine. So Such components should be maintained properly in order to avoid the negative impacts of hot summer. Hot weather can drain the life of a car battery. Due to excess temperature, the fluid inside the battery evaporates, as a result of which the internal structure of the battery gets damaged. So to prevent continuous draining we must inspect the battery condition regularly.

  5. Janet Chua says:

    The extreme temperature during summer has negative effect on the all the parts of the car including it’s battery. Hot weather can affect the car battery in a drastic way. According to car care council, extreme hot weather and overcharging are two main reasons for shortened battery life. The battery contains liquid and extreme heat can evaporate the fluid inside it. Low fluid level can damage the internal structure of the battery. So the condition of the battery must be regularly checked by automotive technicians.

  6. Dev buttler says:

    I appreciate your suggestion to take suitable initiatives to minimize the negative effects of extreme temperature of summer on the battery. Older batteries are problematic in nature and couldn’t provide continuous power supply to the vehicle. So, the condition of the battery needs to be evaluated by conducting a volt test and if the battery is too old then replacement of older battery is really essential to ensure continuous power supply to the vehicle.

  7. Anna Pearl says:

    Thanks for pointing out the factors which are responsible for the drainage of the battery. The battery plays a vital role in the performance of the vehicle by keeping and distributing electrical energy required by the vehicle. However, the battery chemicals which is influenced by the extreme temperature. Thus, the battery should be properly insulated to counter the adverse impact of extreme temperature. For impaired battery replacement, visit

  8. Amelia Lansberg says:

    Couldn’t agree more. However, I just want to add some point,
    i. Inspect the coolant level and different components of the cooling system.
    ii. Coolant flush and replacement of impaired components of the cooling system is really essential.
    iii. The extra amount of coolant should be stored in the vehicle to deal with emergency situations.
    Apart from this, guidance from experienced technicians could be very useful to keep the vehicle in working order during the extreme conditions of the summer. You may like to contact

  9. Zoey Fox says:

    The battery comprises different types of chemicals which plays vital role in the performance of the vehicle. However, such chemical is influenced by certain factors including the environmental factors. Hence, suitable initiatives should be taken to protect the battery from such kinds of factors which posses the ability to jeopardize the performance of the battery. A lot of other factors including the climate control module also influence the performance of the battery

  10. In UAE due to hot weather condition i have to face these types of issues in my peugeot 5008 uae . I regularly take care of these types of problems.

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    Can Hot Weather Drain a Car Battery

  15. Extreme hot temperatures are known to have a negative effect on car batteries. This is something new I’ve learned in the past few days. I had the wrong idea that only cold weather could be bad for a car battery. That’s far from the truth. It is good to learn more about your car battery so you avoid accidents and save some money. Thanks a bunch for the info! 🙂

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