How to Keep Your Vehicle From Overheating in the Summer Sun

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Friday, June 15th, 2018 at 4:36 pm
coolant added to engine

The weather is heating up and that means summer is almost here. One of the best parts of any summer is the road trip. There’s nothing like hitting the open road in the sunshine. But before you do any sort of long-distance driving, you should make sure to be prepared in case of emergencies. Engine overheating is one of the biggest risks when driving in the heat, so make sure you’re prepared to handle the situation. Keep reading to learn how to keep your vehicle’s engine from overheating and what to do in case it happens.

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Keep Your Car From Overheating With These Tips

The best way to ensure your engine remains at the ideal temperature is to make sure your vehicle is up to date with routine maintenance. Make sure to get your oil changed and have your fluids topped off ahead of any long-distance driving.

  • man stranded sitting by carYour air conditioner puts a lot of strain on your engine. Turn it off if you notice your engine’s temperature begins to rise. If that doesn’t solve the problem, turn on the heater. It seems intuitive, but using the heater will draw heat from the engine.
  • Always carry an extra container of coolant (antifreeze) with you when before heading out on a long trip in the summer heat. Engines often overheat as a result of the lack of coolant, so topping off your vehicle with antifreeze will typically do the trick.
  • If you cannot stop your engine from overheating, pull over as soon as you can and turn off your engine. Only pop the hood of your car if you can do it automatically – it is too hot to risk opening it by hand for a few minutes.

If you don’t feel you can safely take care of the situation, call a tow truck or AAA. Sometimes it’s better to play it safe and let the professionals handle things!

If you are having issues with your vehicle overheating or if you’d like to get your vehicle checked over before the summer road trip begins, stop in to Mazda of Lodi in Bergen County, NJ. Check out the list of the services our skilled team of technicians is proud to offer!

6 Responses to “How to Keep Your Vehicle From Overheating in the Summer Sun”

  1. Samantha Smith says:

    Overheating is the main cause of summer breakdown of a car’s engine. The main cause of engine overheating is low level of coolant. Make sure that the radiator has right amount of coolant and it has right coolant mix of antifreeze and water. The coolant used in the car must be fresh always. Replacing the coolant at regular intervals help us to avoid overheating as well as corrosion. Leaves, dirt or debris should be cleared from in front of the radiator. We should park our car in a garage or in a shaded area to prevent overheating.

  2. Daisy smith says:

    Extreme temperature of summer could affect the performance of the vehicle in a very negative way. Coolant plays crucial role by protecting the engine from extreme temperature of the summer. Different components of the cooling system needs to be inspected properly at a regular interval and damaged components should be replaced with suitable substitutes. Apart from this, coolant flush prior to the arrival of the summer could enhance the effectiveness of the cooling system of the vehicle.

  3. Billy nixon says:

    The cooling system of the vehicle plays vital role in the performance of the vehicle. Internal combustion engine emits a large amount of energy in the form of heat which accompanied by the extreme environmental temperature could cause breakdown of the engine. Any kind of abnormality in the cooling system could cause overheating of the engine. So, abnormal components should be identified and replacement of abnormal components is really necessary to enhance the effectiveness of the cooling system.

  4. Cara Lee says:

    Overheating is the main cause of car’s engine breakdown during summer. To prevent the vehicle from overheating we should always park our vehicle in the shade. We must tint the windows of the car to keep it cool and make the interior free from sun damage. Coolant helps to make the engine cool. We should check the level of coolant and if it’s level is low, then we must add sufficient engine coolant. Old battery can be a cause of engine overheating. So replacing the old battery is one of major steps which must be taken to prevent our vehicle from overheating.

  5. Kacie Goodman says:

    In summer season, overheating generally occurs due to extreme heat of sun. To prevent engine overheating, we should check the level of coolant .If coolant level is found to be lower then it should be topped off. Even if the coolant is at the right level, it gradually becomes dirty & need to be replaced. Therefore flushing of cooling system needs to be done by a certified mechanic. Apart from this we should always try to park our car in the shade. If it is not possible, then we should cover the important portions of the vehicle with towel. We must tint the windows.

  6. Sydney Roth says:

    The outcome of the engine overheating could be very costly. So, suitable initiatives should be implemented to prevent the engine in working order. An abnormal cooling system is solely responsible for the overheating of the engine. So, regular inspection of different components of the cooling system is really essential to identify and repair the abnormalities associated with the concerned component. Failure of plastic coolant pipe could also lead to the engine overheating. For more assistance, visit

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