How to Connect and Use Android Auto® in the New 2018 Mazda6

We use our smartphone to do more things than ever before, so why wouldn’t you want hands-free access to your favorite features and functions while you’re driving! Fortunately for shoppers looking to stay connected, new 2018 Mazda6 models offer available Android Auto® connectivity. Keep scrolling to learn how to connect and use Android Auto®!

2017 Mazda6 technology

Connect in the Mazda6

What kind of technology is in the 2017 Mazda6? The Mazda6 is a sporty, sleek sedan full of technology to make traveling more convenient and connected. With a spacious interior and eye-catching design, the Mazda6 has more than enough features to fit your needs. Let’s check out the technology specs on the 2017 Mazda6!

2018 Mazda3 sedan interior view from driver's seat of dashboard and active driving display while on the road at night

How Do I Use Mazda’s Active Driving Display?

How to Use the Mazda Active Driving Display Technology All cars have a dashboard display found behind the steering wheel. It is here where the fuel gauge and speedometer amongst other readings are relayed to the driver. However, select Mazda vehicles give drivers a further boost in assistance with Mazda’s Active Driving Display. So, what is Mazda’s […]