EPA Shows Mazda Makes Cars with the Best Fuel Economy


The Mazda CX-5 has one of the best fuel economies for a crossover SUV.

Cars with the Best Fuel Economy

Drivers in every part of the country are on the hunt for the cars with the best fuel economy. The desire for fuel savings reaches drivers of every age and vehicle preference. From compact hatchback drivers to SUV commanders, gas station savings are at the top of everyone’s list.

Searching for the cars with the best fuel economy, however, can get a little tricky. Nearly every automaker’s website will claim some sort of best-in-class in feature. Wading through the pomp and circumstance can be difficult, if not overwhelming.

Fortunately for drivers interested in top fuel economy, the EPA comes right out and identifies the automaker that is building the cars with the best fuel economy. For 2013, that automaker is Mazda.


SkyActiv technology makes Mazdas the cars with the best fuel economy in the country.

With a collective fuel economy of 27.5 mpg, Mazda’s line of automobiles is the most fuel efficient in America. Of the 11 largest car brands in the country, Mazda boasted the lowest emission figures for 2013 as well.

Mazda’s recognition as the manufacturer building cars with the best fuel economy represents a repeat performance from 2012. Mazda was the most fuel efficient automaker last year as well.

While Mazda’s current lineup does not include any alternatively fueled vehicles, its efficiency can be attributed to the SkyActiv technology suite. Through advanced engineering and high-compression developments, Mazda has achieved class-leading fuel economy by significantly improving the gas engine in place of pursuing costly electronic alternatives.

Always one to up the ante on driver expectations, Mazda continues make cars with the best fuel economy that are also fun to drive. To experience the fuel efficient performance of a Mazda in northern New Jersey, contact the friendly staff at Mazda of Lodi today. Whether the brand new Mazda6 or the spacious CX-5 is on your radar, Mazda of Lodi is your local source for the EPA-official cars with the best fuel economy.