Ellen Show Mazda Giveaway Tugs at the Heartstrings

Ellen Show Mazda Giveaway

Those who watch the Ellen DeGeneres show frequently may have already had the opportunity to experience some of the moving moments shown in the clip above. In conjunction with Mazda’s Drive for Good program and the automaker’s values of conviction, creativity and courage, Ellen has been in the habit of giving away 2014 model Mazda vehicles to some truly deserving individuals and families.

You may recall some recent Mazda commercials highlighting the manufacturing inspiration that Mazda draws from some of humankind’s greatest examples of conviction, creativity and courage. Making cars under the direction of these values pales in comparison to changing someone’s life, however. And the heartwarming moments of seeing lives changed in an instant is exactly what the Ellen Show initially captured, and it is exactly what is captured above as well.


In a great act of kindness, the Ellen Show gave a number of brand new 2014 Mazda3s to very deserving guests.

One common denominator that linked each Ellen Show Mazda giveaway was family. In one way or another, each of the new Mazda recipients is going to put the car to use in service of strengthening family bonds that are natural or family bonds that are shared among humanity.

The other denominator seemed to be an automobile with close to 200,000 on the engine. One even required a jump every time it needed to start. With new keys to vehicles like the 2014 Mazda3 and 2014 Mazda CX-9, however, those will quickly become distant memories for Ellen’s courageous guests. SkyActiv fuel efficiency is likely to ensure that the next 200,000 miles they travel represent the least expensive fuel costs of their lifetimes.

As drivers look for more good in this world, Mazda of Lodi will be there were goodwill and Mazda cross. Stay tuned to the Ellen Show for a never ending string of surprises.