Tips on How to Wash Your Car for Spring

how to wash your car spring car wash tips

A spring car cleaning can remove winter salt and prepare your vehicle for warmer weather.

How to Wash Your Car: Spring Car Wash Tips

It’s that time of year, when the sun shines down to melt the snow and we all remove our winter overcoats to bask in its glow. Our cars, however, don’t fit this joyous scene, and are likely in need of a spring car wash to remove the caked on salt and dirt. A little while back we gave you some winter car cleaning tips, but if spring has arrived on time, you can put to use our spring car wash tips.

Remove All Salt, Especially from the Undercarriage

Though the question of how to wash your car can be answered simply by visiting a nearby automatic car wash, it is smart to manually go through your vehicle in order to hit all the the nooks and crannies that may still be infested with winter salt.

We probably don’t have to tell you how damaging salt can be to a vehicle. Spring is the time to go through every crevice to remove any unwanted remnants. Be sure to clean in the areas of your door hinges, as salt can easily get trapped in there and get missed with a simple exterior wash.

Don’t forget to get down low either, which means making sure you clean the wheel wells and undercarriage. Also remember to give the floor mats a good wash and clean underneath them.

Getting Ready for Spring

If your vehicle is now spotless with our spring car wash tips, we can show you how to prepare it for the warmer months. Start by checking out your wiper blades, which can get damaged from ice and snow during the course of the winter. If they are worn out, be safe and have them replaced. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our service department.

Spring is also the time to give your car a good wax. This can provide your car with some extra shine to complement the spring sunshine and offer additional protection.

Spring can also be a good opportunity to take care of regular vehicle maintenance and make sure your car is in proper working order. If you have any maintenance needs you can schedule an appointment with our service department online.