Maintain Mazda Performance with Shock and Strut Replacement


This is the battlefield for Mazda shocks and struts. Replace yours with confidence at Mazda of Lodi.

Mazda Shock and Strut Replacement New Jersey

New Jersey is a state that is constantly creating in the year’s winter months. Of course, the many manufacturing facilities that make their home in the Garden State are busy molding, shaping, and crafting a number of products throughout December, January, and February—but that’s not exactly the type of a creation we had in mind.


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Due to the seemingly endless cycle of winter precipitation and low temperatures, the streets of New Jersey are busied all winter long with the creation of potholes and the expansion of existing in-road craters. This is particularly significant for drivers, their automobiles, and the shocks and struts that attempt to make each ride as smooth as possible.

Since shocks and struts are responsible for dampening the suspension movement that results from rough roads, well-functioning parts are key to a smooth drive. If you suspect that a barrage of potholes may have stolen some of the smooth from your everyday driver, it may be time for a Mazda shock and strut replacement from Mazda of Lodi.


Strut replacement in New Jersey will keep your Mazda driving like the day you first took it for a test drive.

Shocks and struts are typically mentioned together since they both carry out the same function in a vehicle’s suspension system. Rarely does an automobile have both, however. Large vehicles like SUVs are typically designed to make use of shocks, and smaller cars like Mazda3 will be equipped with struts. As your local home for both Mazda shock and strut replacement in New Jersey, Mazda of Lodi would be happy to help you determine which auto part you need to keep all of your zoom-zoom driving smooth-smooth.

Serving northern New Jersey communities such as Hackensack, Clifton, and Paterson, the maintenance staff at Mazda of Lodi is certified to deliver factory-quality Mazda service. Drivers in need of suspension upkeep can schedule Mazda shock and strut replacement with Mazda of Lodi by clicking here. Contact Mazda of Lodi with any additional requests and questions concerning shock and strut replacement in New Jersey.