New Details on Mazda SkyActiv 2 Fuel Economy


Mazda’s second generation SkyActiv engines are set to achieve a 30 percent greater fuel economy.

Mazda SkyActiv 2 Fuel Economy

The introduction of SkyActiv technology pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible with a gasoline combustion engine. At a time when weight reduction was the extent of automakers’ plans to increase fuel efficiency, Mazda not only trimmed some fat off their vehicles, but they also improved transmissions and built an engine capable of running the highest compression ratio of any gas motor in the world. Now in anticipation of the year 2020, they’re prepared to do it all over again.

Heightened efficiency regulations in the European market are prompting automakers to engineer significant fuel economy improvements by 2020. Mazda is poised to meet those new requirements with second-generation expressions of SkyActiv technology. For fans wondering how Mazda plans to increase SkyActiv 2 fuel economy, the answer is “even more compression.”

Though Mazda’s current suite of SkyActiv engines are already designed with the highest compression ratio in the world, SkyActiv 2 is determined to take that honor. Consider the video above; the 14:1 compression ratio at work in current SkyActiv engines extracts allows more power to be extracted from the fuel. For 2020, Mazda SkyActiv 2 fuel economy will benefit from a compression ratio of 18:1.

It is estimated that the higher compression ratio of SkyActiv 2 engines will yield 30 percent greater fuel economy results. Using Mazda’s current fuel economy returns as a starting point, SkyActiv 2 fuel economy may be as high as 53 mpg highway and 45 mpg combined.

Looking even further beyond the second generation of SkyActiv engines, European efficiency standards are set to take an even stricter turn in 2025. Have no fear though, Mazda is already planning the SkyActiv 3 for that occasion as well.

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