Mazda3 Among 2014 World Car of the Year Finalists


As a 2014 World Car of the Year finalist Mazda3 battles it out against Audi A3 and the BMW 4 Series.

2014 World Car of the Year Finalists

Mazda3, Audi A3, and the BMW 4 Series. One of these things is not like the other. Though the cars listed here are the top three 2014 World Car of the Year finalists, the Mazda in consideration is approximately $10,000 less than the Audi and $20,000 less than the BMW.

In some ways, Mazda’s inclusion among the most impressive luxury brands on the planet is a bit unexpected. Those who have witnessed Mazda3’s meteoric rise to superstardom, however, don’t see the vehicle’s World Car of the Year nomination as a stretch in the slightest. Since the car’s introduction for the 2014 model year, Mazda3 has been named’s Car of the Year, Yahoo! Autos’ Best Compact Car, and much more.

The secret behind Mazda’s ability to manufacture quality that runs stride-for-stride with the world’s top luxury brands is highlighted in the video above. By daring to do the impossible, Mazda is able to pack a punch on par with a fighter twice its size—or a sedan twice its price point.

The list of 2014 World Car of the Year Finalists began with a crop of 24 automobiles noted for their international impact. Eligible vehicles had to have been sold on at least two continents between January 1, 2013 and May 31, 2014. A panel of the world’s most respected automotive journalists then began to narrow the ranks until the Mazda3, Audi A3, and BWM 4 Series were revealed as finalists at the Geneva Auto Show.

Each of the 2014 World Car of the Year Finalists will have a little more than one month to enjoy their status as top-three cars worldwide. According to the World Car of the Year committee, the winner of the award will be announced in conjunction with the New York Auto Show on April 17. The staff at Mazda of Lodi is clearly cheering for the underdog Mazda3, however, the car’s inclusion in the consideration is definitely an achievement in its own right.