5 Ways to Get Bad Smells Out of Your Car

Eliminate Bad Car Odors With These 5 Tips

5 Ways to Get Bad Smells Out of Your Car

A nasty smell inside your vehicle can turn what would otherwise be an enjoyable driving experience into a nightmare. Even more frustrating is the fact that car odors can sometimes be difficult to get rid of, and they can be a bit embarrassing if you invite other passengers in the car. Thankfully, we’re here to present 5 ways to get bad smells out of your car.

There are a couple things to note before getting started with those 5 tips, however, with one of them being that smells can sometimes be dangerous. Odors that smell like gas, smoke or other scents could mean something harmful is wrong with your car and you should get it checked out ASAP.

The second thing we need to mention is before trying these tips, be sure to clean your car. If the source of the odor is allowed to hide out in your vehicle while you’re trying to get rid of the smell, there’s no magic trick that will work to get rid of it. Find the source of the scent before deodorizing.

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Tips for Deodorizing Your Vehicle

  1. cleaning a car seat with a vacuumCar air freshener: Sometimes it really is this simple. If you’ve removed the source of the smell, it may still take a while for the scent to completely disappear. This is a cheap and easy way to hide the smell until it finally does go away.
  2. Dryer sheets: Another method of masking the smell is using dyer sheets. You likely already have some at home. You can put them in front of the vents so that the air blows through them when you have the heat or air conditioning on.
  3. Baking soda: Some drivers have also suggested using baking soda. They recommend sprinkling it on the carpet of the vehicle if that’s where your problem area is and then vacuuming it up later.
  4. Clean the carpet: If the problem is in the car carpets, you may have to resort to cleaning them thoroughly. This could mean shampooing both the floor mats and carpet. Be sure to use a product that you know is safe and designed for cars, or take it to a professional.
  5. Coffee grounds: Another trick you might run across deals with leaving a container of ground coffee in your vehicle. Don’t sprinkle it anywhere, though. Although your car might now smell like coffee for a while, it’s probably quite a bit better than whatever it smelled like before.

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Now that you’ve learned our 5 ways to get bad smells out of your car, be sure to share your own in the comments section below. Remember to never do anything you think could cause damage to your car, and if you’re unsure, consult an automotive professional.