Don’t Let Improved Traction in Winter From All Wheel Drive Replace the Need for Cautious Driving

Advantages of All Wheel Drive in the Snow 2015 mazda cx-9 in snow

All wheel drive can provide some great benefits when it comes to winter driving, and winter tires can further help.

Advantages of All Wheel Drive in the Snow

Whether we like it or not, winter in the northern part of the country takes up a good chunk of the year, so it can seem silly not to prepare your vehicle for winter-weather driving. If you do a lot of driving in snowy weather, then a good feature to consider for your next vehicle is all wheel drive. Though the advantages of all wheel drive are not the be-all and end-all of winter driving, having an all wheel drive system on your vehicle can certainly give you some peace of mind during the winter months.

All wheel drive is beneficial in winter driving because it allows the use of all four tires when remaining gripped to the roadway. An all wheel drive system can help keep you moving in rough conditions rather than having your tires slip about. This means all wheel drive can also be effective when accelerating from a stop light, giving you that bit of extra traction to get moving.

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But it’s important to understand what all wheel drive won’t do for you just as much as what it can do for you. All wheel drive doesn’t make you impervious to the hazards of winter driving. Just because it can provide extra traction and help keep you moving when some tires begin to slip, these advantages don’t replace the need for cautious driving and taking things slowly through corners.

Advantages of All Wheel Drive in the Snow need for winter tiresWinter Tires near Hackensack NJ

All wheel drive also does not replace the need for winter tires on your vehicle. Though having an all wheel drive system can certainly be a benefit in winter conditions, pairing the system with winter tires can still be important. If you’re looking for winter tires in the Hackensack NJ area, feel free to give us a call at 973-594-1700.

If you do a lot of winter driving, there are certainly some advantages of all wheel drive in the snow. But don’t let the extra traction make you overconfident on the roadways this winter. You’ll still want to take things cautiously and make sure you winterize the rest of your vehicle as well. As always, stay safe on the road and stop by Mazda of Lodi for any of your winter driving needs.