Alfred Morris and His 1991 Mazda 626

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Mazda reveals the fully restored Alfred Morris 1991 Mazda 626.

Alfred Morris 1991 Mazda

First cars can be difficult to let go of. A driver’s first car maintains a sense of symbolism that is not easily overlooked. The first feelings of freedom and the promises of adulthood can easily create a sentimental attachment. Nonetheless, breakdowns or increased costs of ownership often divorce a driver from the car of their youth. Not so for Washington Redskins’ running back Alfred Morris and his 1991 Mazda 626.


Called the Alfred Morris Project, Mazda fully restored the engine of the NFL running back’s Mazda to 1991 specifications.

The Alfred Morris 1991 Mazda story begins before the NFL star even owned the car. Whereas many teenagers receive their first set of wheels in high school, that was not the case for Morris. The Florida native entered college at Florida Atlantic University in 2007 needing to work a job at Sears to afford a car of his own. After saving up enough to purchase a 1991 Mazda 626 from his college pastor, the minister graciously sold the car to Morris for two dollars.

What happens next to the Alfred Morris 1991 Mazda after the 2012 NFL Draft continues to be a tad unconventional. Drafted by Washington in the sixth round, Morris continued to drive his Mazda 626 to the Redskins’ training facility in Ashburn, VA. Even after all his success in the 2012 season, Morris’ Mazda was seen parked next to his teammates’ luxury sedans and SUVs. As a running joke Morris nicknamed his Mazda “Bentley” to make it sound like his vehicle was keeping par with other members of the team.


Despite the installation of a touch-screen radio, Mazda kept the interior of the Alfred Morris 1991 Mazda as true to factory spec as possible.

Here’s where Mazda enters the story. After hearing of the Alfred Morris 1991 Mazda and its presence at the practice facility, D.C. area Mazda partners decided to restore the 626 for Morris as a recognition of his commitment. Mazda completely restored Morris’ car to 1991 factory specs, minus a touch screen radio and Bentley-inspired diamond patterned seats.

The Alfred Morris 1991 Mazda was recently returned to its faithful owner for many more miles of driving. Though Mazda of Lodi does not carry a stock of 1991 Mazda 626 sedans, we do carry plenty of Mazda6s, the car Morris was given to drive while his 90’s Mazda was being restored.

Take if from Alfred Morris that Mazda automobiles are built to drive with you every step of the way. Contact Mazda of Lodi for all your Mazda needs in Northern New Jersey.

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