Mazda SKYACTIV Engine Benefits Compared to Diesel

Alternative to Diesel Engines

For those mostly concerned about fuel economy when buying a new car, Mazda SKYACTIV engines could be a possible alternative to diesel engine options.

Alternative to Diesel Engines

We’ve talked in the past about the advantages to Mazda’s diesel engine, currently unavailable in the US. But considering the recent controversy over VW diesel engines and some other potential factors, we understand that some drivers out there may now prefer to consider an alternative to diesel engines. The problem is, an electric or hybrid model isn’t for everyone, so what options do you have?

Benefits of Mazda SKYACTIV Engines

Well, we suggest taking a look at Mazda SKYACTIV engines. Of course, you won’t find the same levels of efficiency as diesel engines, but you also won’t have to pay a higher price for diesel fuel, and we bet you’ll be impressed by the SKYACTIV engine’s ability to blend efficiency and power.

There are two SKYACTIV engines currently available in the US: both a 2.0-liter and 2.5-liter variation. Like diesel engines, they offer plenty of torque, producing 150 lb.-ft. (146 lb.-ft. in the CX-3 and 148 lb.-ft. in the Miata) and 185 lb.-ft. respectively. They’re also superbly efficient, so here are the top fuel economy figures for various Mazda models, updated for the 2016 model year.

Mazda3 4-door: Up to 30 city/41 hwy (2.0L)

Mazda3 5-door: Up to 30 city/40 hwy (2.0L)

Mazda6: Up to 28 city/40 hwy (2.5L with i-ELOOP)

Mazda CX-3: Up to 29 city/35 hwy (2.0L)

Mazda CX-5: Up to 26 city/35 hwy (2.0L)

Mazda MX-5 Miata: Up to 27 city/35 hwy (2.0L)

Learn about Mazda’s new turbocharged SKYACTIV engine debuting in the 2016 CX-9

As you can see, a number of Mazda models achieve fuel efficiency up to 40 highway or above. But, even crossover models like the CX-3 and larger CX-5 manage to achieve highway numbers in the mid-30s, with respectable city mpg figures as well.

Benefits of Mazda i-ELOOP Regenerative Braking

If you noticed the i-ELOOP system with the Mazda6, you’re probably wondering exactly what that is. Despite a powerful 184 horsepower engine, the i-ELOOP regenerative braking system allows the vehicle to achieve impressive fuel economy by capturing energy when you release the accelerator, which can be used to power electric components in the car to reduce the need for fuel.

So whether you’re looking for an alternative to diesel engines because you’re waiting for Mazda’s diesel engine from overseas to arrive in the US, or because you’ve just decided diesel isn’t for you, you have great options for impressive fuel efficiency with plenty of power through Mazda SKYACTIV engines. Contact us at Mazda of Lodi to learn more about Mazda SKYACTIV technology.