Mazda Named 2015 Automotive Brand of the Year for Popular Ads

Mazda's Driving Matters commercial campaign was a highlight for advertising in 2015.

Mazda’s Driving Matters commercial campaign was a highlight for advertising in 2015.

Best Car Commercials of 2015

Some of the most memorable commercials for TV viewers are car commercials. A particularly good car commercial will cause you to feel the emotion of driving the vehicle advertised. That’s something Mazda has always succeeded with, and now, Mazda is being named the 2015 Automotive Brand of the Year in the non-luxury category for its commercials.

The recognition was given out by Ace Metrix, a video advertising analytics company. In order to qualify for the recognition a brand must have produced five or more unique creative pieces in a category with over 100 creative pieces and 5 qualifying brands. Scoring analyzes data on persuasion, likeability, information, attention, change, relevance, desire and watchability. Mazda scored 5 percent higher than the normal score for its category.

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Mazda Driving Matters Campaign Commercials

Out of the above scoring factors, it was likeability and relevance that truly shone through for Mazda’s “Driving Matters” campaign. Mazda said the messages featured in “Driver’s Life” and “Bringing Baby Home” were of particular note. You can view these commercials below.


Perhaps part of the success of these commercials is the voice-over work, completed by famous actor Aaron Paul. If you’re like us, you may have recognized the voice without being able to put a name to it. Paul does some impressive work in the ads that really brings them to life and captures the emotion of each commercial.

Other popular commercials from the Driving Matters campaign include “Garage” and “The Proposal,” which you can check out below as well.

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The variety of these commercials shows just how diverse the Mazda model lineup is, but despite the different characteristics of each model, they all share one thing in common: they’re a blast to drive. So, go ahead and check out these ads that helped Mazda produce some of the best car commercials for 2015, and then schedule a test drive.