Mazda6 Among Best Cars for 2014


Features like Lane Departure Warning make the Mazda6 one of the best cars for 2014.

Best Cars for 2014

Forbes recently released a list of the hottest car features for 2014. Mazda fans will be pleased to know that three of the features highlighted on the list are included on new Mazda models, including the popular 2014 Mazda6. As the new line of Mazdas gain sleek Kodo inspired designs, the inclusion of highly desirable consumer features position Mazdas as some of the best cars for 2014.

First on the list of great features for 2014 is active lane assist. Automobiles are utilizing more and more camera-based technology to assist drivers with unexpected circumstances. With lane assist, your car actively scans the lane markers on the road and can offer an alert if the car is in danger of veering outside the lane. Available with Mazda as the Lane Departure Warning System, lane assist technology is Mazda6’s first step toward being one of the best cars for 2014.

Second on Forbes’ list is what Mazda calls the Forward Obstruction Warning System (FOW). This feature of Mazda6 uses radar to detect pedestrians and other cars in the vehicle’s drive path. FOW calculates the distance between Mazda6 and the potential obstruction, alerting the driver if their Mazda is getting too close to anything in front of it.


Mazda6 matches highly desirable features with a sleek and appealing design for 2014.

The final Mazda6 feature positioning the auto as one of the best cars for 2014 is exclusive to the Mazda brand. Forbes specifically called out Mazda’s i-ELOOP technology as a top feature for 2014. The i-ELOOP regenerative braking system uses Mazda’s own energy to save fuel costs and increase power. When Mazad6 brakes, the energy formerly driving the car forward is converted to electricity. The stored electricity is then used to power the Mazda6 radio, climate control system, and much more. As it pertains to the bottom line, Mazda’s engine doesn’t have to provide the power for those ancillary functions. This means less fuel usage and more engine power available where you actually need it.

Mazda is always looking to build the best cars for each given year. Based on all the available evidence, it looks like Mazda6 will be one of the best cars for 2014. Click the following to see the full line of 2014 Mazda6 vehicles at Mazda of Lodi.