Support SkyActiv with Better Fuel Economy Practices


By adopting some better fuel practices you can keep your tank fuller for a longer period of time.

Better Fuel Economy Practices

There is a good chance that a SkyActiv Mazda will be the most efficient gas-powered vehicle that you’ll ever drive. And as Mazda continues to fine tune its SkyActiv capabilities, those numbers are only going to get better. Even though you may have SkyActiv technology working in your favor, that doesn’t mean you can’t protect those great returns with better fuel economy practices. Here are a few courtesy of Mazda of Lodi.


Save up to two percent in fuel economy returns by removing unneeded items from your vehicle’s cargo area.

According to the EPA, any extra “junk” lying around in your vehicle’s cargo space can have a significant effect on fuel economy. In fact, every 100 pounds of excess baggage equates to a two percent loss in fuel economy. Not only is taking the time to clean your trunk or hatch space a good idea with respect to general cleanliness and organization, but it’s certainly a better fuel economy practice as well.

It is often repeated that tire pressure is important to a vehicle’s overall fuel economy. Drivers who remember trying to play hoops with a flat basketball can understand why. Similar to the way it takes a much more concentrated effort to shoot an underinflated basketball, engines must work harder to drive cars riding on underinflated tires. Monitoring your tires to ensure they are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended level is both a better fuel economy practice and a better safety practice.

Cruise control rounds out Mazda of Lodi’s list of better fuel economy practices. Many drivers regularly make use of their vehicle’s cruise control feature, and their fuel economy returns are better for it. Since cruise control uses a computer measured amount of fuel to keep your vehicle traveling at a consistent speed, drivers benefit by not wasting fuel through constant acceleration efforts.

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