Brake Fluid Flush in Lodi and the War on Sludge


A fresh brake fluid flush in Lodi, NJ includes clean fluid that’s effective to stop your vehicle in the time and space you need to.

Brake Fluid Flush Lodi, NJ

Disregard the fact that the image above pictures a motorcycle. Focus instead on the clean color of the fluid in the tube. That is brake fluid, and it is the single thing responsible for engaging a vehicle’s brakes and bringing it to a halt.


Not changing brake fluid leads to nothing but sludge running through your brake lines.

Look now to the sludge that is shown in the image to the right. That is also brake fluid, though it certainly has seen its better days. If you had to take one guess as to which image the brake fluid in your automobile resembled, it may be time to schedule a brake fluid flush in Lodi, NJ.

There are a number of factors that naturally transform the brake fluid shown above into a dark colored sludge. Before the significance of that transformation can fully be grasped, however, it is important to understand how brake fluid is designed to work with your vehicle’s stopping system.

Similar to the way that electricity provides the energy to illuminate a light bulb, brake fluid provides the pressure that pushes a vehicle’s brake pads against the rotor. As time goes on and a car racks up more mileage, air and other contaminants transform brake fluid from something clean and golden brown to a sludgy mess. The properties of that mess disallow the fluid from applying pressure as effectively as it did before, causing brake response to feel spongy and out of touch.

In this regard, drivers who schedule a brake fluid flush in Lodi, NJ are actively engaged in ending the influence that sludge has on their stopping power. The team at Mazda of Lodi will remove all of the ineffective sludge from your vehicle’s brake lines and replace it with the golden brown goodness of fresh brake fluid.

Drivers are encouraged to take advantage of the online appointment tool at Mazda of Lodi. Schedule your brake fluid flush in Lodi, NJ today or call the service team directly for more information.