Car Packing Tips for Vacation and Road Trip Driving

Use These Packing Tips for Your Next Road Trip

Car Packing Tips for Vacation and Road Trip Driving

Before you set out on your vacation travels, you’ll have a lot of planning to do. In addition to working out all the logistics of your trip, you’ll need to figure out how to pack your vehicle in a way that uses up as little space as possible while still carrying all of your necessary belongings. This can become a puzzling challenge, which is why we’re here to offer some car packing tips for vacation and road trip driving.

Before you pack, you’ll want to make a complete list of all the items you’ll need. The last thing you want is to have the car packed and then realize you forgot a bunch of supplies that could force you to reorganize all the packing you’ve already done.

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How to Pack a Car For Your Road Trip or Vacation

The following tips are suggested with the assumption that you are driving a vehicle with a hatchback, such as a hatchback sedan or an SUV/crossover. Packing for a full trip in a compact sedan that only has a trunk may present its own challenges, but some of the tips below should still come in handy.

  1. family packing their SUV for a road trip vacationUse plastic bins: Though plastic bins may take up a lot of space, they’re also great for organizing. Plus, they can easily stack together, helping you maximize your vehicle’s available cargo space. You can get bins of different sizes, pack them full and then label them so that you know what items each one contains.
  2. If you can’t maximize the space in plastic bins, use duffel bags: Though rectangular plastic bins are easy to stack together like a puzzle, if you can’t maximize their space, then it’s best to use flexible duffel bags so that you aren’t wasting valuable cargo room.
  3. Use plastic bags: Whether you use plastic bins or not, organizing your items in small plastic bags can be a huge benefit. For one, it helps you stay organized on hectic trips. And two, it can make it easy to carry numerous items at one time.
  4. Consider when you will need certain items: Most drivers will pack their road trip supplies in a way that maximizes space, and that’s a good idea. But you should also consider if there are any items you’ll need easy access to while on the road before you reach your destination, or items that you might need access to earlier in the trip than others. You don’t want to bury these items.
  5. Use roof cargo carriers: If your vehicle can carry cargo up top using your vehicle manufacturer’s roof bars/cargo carriers, then certainly consider doing so. This can make things a bit more comfortable in the cabin. Plus, you can better organize your supplies. If there are items you’ll frequently need to access, then keep those inside the vehicle. Items you may only bring out once or twice can be kept up top. If you drive a Mazda, you can contact us about such vehicle accessories.
  6. Don’t forget other cargo areas: Surprisingly enough, many drivers forget about all the useful places they can store items in their vehicle. Passengers can use the door cargo slots and any seat-back pockets to store items that they will frequently use on the trip. In addition, the glovebox is a great place to store items like a first aid kit.

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The above list presents just a few car packing tips for vacation and road trip driving that you might find useful. Of course, the benefit of each one will depend on your needs and your personal traveling style. If you have any suggestions of your own, please share them with others in the comments section below.