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The Case for Quality Floor Mats


Floor mats as seen from the popular Mazda3.

Quality Mazda Floor Mats

This blog comes with an alternate title: The Consequences of Filth. Truthfully, many drivers underestimate the effect that interior dirt can have on the value of a car. This happens, in part, because the amount of dirt that enters a car is largely underestimated as well. Fortunately readers informed by this blog can save themselves both time and money by learning the importance of quality Mazda floor mats. Read the rest of this entry >>

New York Tailgate Tips


Cleaning up your tailgate party is always the right thing to do. Being prepared with clean up supplies is a great New York tailgate tip.

New York Tailgate Tips

The New York Jets’ tailgate recipe of the month is Cabernet Sauvignon braised beef and cranberry sandwiches. Though the recipe seems relatively easy to follow, the juxtaposition of braised cranberry sandwiches and typical tailgate fare reveals the inherent beauty of the eclectic pregame parking lot party. Whether your tailgate generally resembles a wine tasting or an old fashioned brewery tour, Mazda of Lodi has some practical New York tailgate tips to help make the most of your Sunday afternoons. Read the rest of this entry >>

Child Passenger Safety Week Highlights New Jersey Car Seat Rules


Child Passenger Safety Week is a great time to brush up on New Jersey car seat rules.

New Jersey Car Seat Rules

We have reached the half-way point of 2013’s Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Week in New Jersey. Each year the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety sets aside one week to ensure that child safety measures in automobiles remain in line with the highest standards. The observance began on Sept. 15 and will culminate this Saturday with a number of seat check seminars across the state. Read the rest of this entry >>

Improve Your Gas Mileage with These Four Simple Methods

Best Ways to Improve Gas Mileage


Use simple methods to increase the time it takes your gauge to go from full to empty.

We have recently been looking at ways that Mazda has raised fuel efficiency in their vehicles. Mazda has been able to provide their vehicles with some of the highest fuel ratings currently available. However, those ratings are dependent on the way that you drive. Therefore, we at Mazda of Lodi have decided to share some of the best ways to improve gas mileage.

One of the biggest methods of increasing mileage is to simply drive proactively and be conscious of what you’re doing behind the wheel. If you’re braking hard and accelerating rapidly, you’re in jeopardy of decreasing your overall mileage by up to 37 percent. Attempt to use your break and gas pedal only when you need to. Yes, that means slowing down, which is another effective method of raising your mileage. Read the rest of this entry >>