Hot Tips for a Frozen Car

car in snow storm

There’s a car somewhere in this picture….

Cheap Tricks to Prevent Your Vehicle from Freezing

Just not in the mood to bundle up, trudge through the snow, and and scrape the ice off of your frozen vehicle? Are you ever in the mood to do this? For those of you who aren’t exactly too thrilled about the forecasted ice and snow coming your way, and are looking for ways to avoid spending your morning running late to work and having to thaw out your vehicle, check out these cheap tricks to prevent your vehicle from freezing.

Frozen Wipers:

The flurries are spattering your windshield, and of course your wipers are frozen. To prevent this from happening, try taking a cloth or rag that has been soaked in rubbing alcohol and running it along your wipers to prevent them from freezing to your windshield in the first place.

Iced-over Windshield:

Watching your windshield defrost is about as much fun as watching a dial-up computer load a webpage. To speed up or entirely eliminate those ice scraping mornings, try rubbing half a raw onion on you windshield the night before. Not only to do onions keep away yellow-spotted lizards in Holes, but they also prevent ice from forming on the windshield.

frozen carLocked Out:

Most drivers have the luxury of an unlock button on their keys, and some are fortunate enough to have remote start. In the event that this doesn’t work and for drivers that always have to manually unlock their cars, try taking a lighter or match to heat up your key a little before gently pushing it through the keyhole. This should melt the ice enough, but if you don’t have a lighter, cup your hands around the keyhole and blow a direct stream of hot air at the frozen lock.

Icey Side Mirrors:

Side mirrors are difficult to scrape, and unless you have a new car with heated ones, they take quite a while to thaw out. If you know it’s going to be an especially cold night, try rubberbanding plastic bags over your mirrors. This should prevent ice from forming in the first place.

We hope these tips help and that you stay warm this winter. Before you go, we’d love if you checked out some of the latest models and comparisons we’ve performed here at Mazda of Lodi. Just click the links to learn more.