Could Your Apple Watch Connect to Your Car?

Does the Apple Watch Work With Mazda Models? does Mazda have carplay can i connect apple watch to mazda connect

Does the Apple Watch Work With Mazda Models?

Nothing creates a buzz quite like a brand new Apple product, except of course, perhaps a new Mazda model. With the release of the Apple Watch, however, there is no time to argue about which piece of innovative technology beats the other. Instead, we want to know, does the Apple Watch work with Mazda models?

Many of the latest Mazda models with Mazda Connect can allow you to connect your smartphone to your vehicle for audio streaming, internet radio and more. Last year, we mentioned how Apple CarPlay would be making it’s way to Mazda. As of right now though, we are still waiting to find out if and/or when CarPlay will start being implemented. If it does happen, however, Apple CarPlay would certainly be a step toward more integration for iPhone users.

Right now, the list of Apple Watch apps available is limited, as would be expected from such a new product. Unless you can travel forward through time, there currently is no way to tell for certain what apps might be developed that will allow us to connect to future Mazda models, or future updates to the Mazda Connect infotainment system, through an Apple Watch.

For now, however, we can still connect our iPhones to our Mazda vehicles and we can still enjoy the high level of connectivity provided by the Mazda Connect system. Should the Apple Watch take off as much as some may expect, it could provide easy access to our vehicles in brand new ways, so be sure to stay tuned for any future Mazda apps developed for the Apple Watch.

We will continue to work on answering the question, does the Apple Watch work with Mazda models, and look out for future updates. In the meantime, you can check out other exciting Mazda news on our blog and be sure to check back for future updates.