San Diego’s Four-Seat Mazda Miata

Four-Seat Mazda Miata

The Mazda Miata is no stranger to turning heads. As one of the most beloved roadsters of all time, the full scope of Miata’s perfection can hardly be enjoyed with one look or one listen. The story you are about to hear, however, does not concern a Miata roadster. Rather, a one-of-a-kind four-seat Mazda Miata now takes the stage.


The “ex-roadster” four-seat Mazda Miata.

The car pictured was—at one point—a two-seat Miata roadster. Actually, at one point it was two, two-seat Miata roadsters. Due to front-end damage on one of the cars and back-end damage on the other, one man in San Diego, CA split the difference and pieced together a four-seat Mazda Miata coupe.

Though the listing has since been removed, the stretched-out Miata was posted on Craigslist by the nephew of the original owner. Unfortunately the seller’s uncle passed away and the cost to store the project vehicle was too high. As seen in the video above, the car is clearly drivable and sounds decent. The seller wrote that he had taken the car up to a speed of 80 mph and felt no mechanical issues.

Of course, deductive minds are sure to inquire as to what kind of mods were necessary to ensure a smooth drive on a car nearly twice its production length. The seller explains that the car originally ran with a single driveshaft, but the length of the car caused considerable vibration. A custom-built two-piece driveshaft was installed to eliminate the nuisance.

In honor of a fellow Mazda Miata lover now passed away, Mazda of Lodi hopes the bidder who ended up with the car does a restoration that would make the original owner proud. If pictures of the restored four-seat Mazda Miata surface in the future, you can be sure that the Mazda of Lodi blog will have them for our readers to see.