This Holiday Season, Don’t Forget Your Planet!

Holiday Recycling Lodi NJ

Let's all pitch in!

Let’s all pitch in!

We often get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season that we don’t even notice how wasteful we’re being. This year, we hope everyone in Lodi remembers to pitch in and do their part to keep our neighborhoods clean, sustainable, and healthy for many years to come. Part of that process is remembering to recycle! And because of the holiday’s there’s a special recycling schedule to keep in mind this year for the Borough of Lodi. Here we’ll tell you about the schedule and give you some holiday tips for staying Earth-friendly. 

This year, the holiday recycling schedule will be as followed for the Borough of Lodi:

Monday, December 23, 2013: Glass, Cans and Plastic

Monday, December 30, 2013: Paper and Cardboard

These are both special city-wide pick-ups especially for these two holiday weeks. They’re both on Mondays, which will hopefully make it easier for everyone to remember.

How can you reduce/reuse/recycle this holiday season? Read these tips!

A beautiful Christmas for all!

A beautiful Christmas for all!

1. Go easy on the lights. Yes, holiday lights are gorgeous and spectacular and awe-inspiring! We love them, too! But they also use up a lot of energy! Consider getting timed lights that don’t burn the whole night through, or shut them off just before bed. Christmas eve doesn’t count, of course. Santa needs to be able to see.

2. When possible, reuse gift bags and wrapping paper. We know it’s fun to tear into gifts, and you should definitely do your share of that. But maybe in certain company, it’s okay to carefully unwrap and then use that paper again. It doesn’t have to be for another gift – you could use the paper on a holiday scrapbook or other fun project as well.

3. Again with the recycling! We go through a lot of cans, bottles, and other containers during the holidays. Pumpkin puree, wine, soda, cranberries, and lots more holiday treats come in containers that can be recycled. See the dates above for a reminder on when to do that!

We wish you a very happy season, and hope everyone remembers to do their part for our environment this year!