2018 Mazda6 interior shot of digital cockpit with Mazda Connect infotainment and sport i-activsense safety package

How Do I Use Apple CarPlay™ in my Mazda Vehicle?

Mazda Apple CarPlay™ Instruction Videos

One of the most commonly used and preferred vehicle technology features nowadays is Apple CarPlay™. Obviously used for iPhones, as referenced by the Apple tag moniker, there is also an equivalent for Android smartphones called Android Auto™. However, we’ll just be focusing just on Apple CarPlay™ today. We’re going to show you how to use Apple CarPlay™ in your Mazda vehicle.

Many drivers of modern cars don’t always make the most out of their vehicle’s features. This might be either because they feel overwhelmed by the number of features present, don’t know certain features exist, or just procrastinate learning something new and forget to circle back to it. So, we’re going to make it very easy today to learn how to use Apple CarPlay™ for drivers of modern Mazda models.

We’re going to be using the 2018 Mazda6 sedan to demonstrate the applications of Apple CarPlay™, but all features and instructions will remain consistent for any Mazda models that have Apple CarPlay™ installed.

Mazda Apple CarPlay™ Getting Started / An Introduction

Mazda Apple CarPlay™ Messages

Mazda Apple CarPlay™ Music

Mazda Apple CarPlay™ Navigation

Mazda Apple CarPlay™ Phone Calls

Mazda Apple CarPlay™ Voice Control Commands

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