Use Our Tips for Cleaning Hard-to-Remove Bugs Off You Car

How to Clean Bugs Off Car

Often, a simple soak and wash, with a little effort, will be enough to get those insects off the front of your car.

How to Clean Bugs Off Car

It’s inevitable that while driving the front of your vehicle is often going to meet flying insects face-to-face. Unfortunately, many of these bugs don’t survive the encounter and become plastered on your car’s windshield, exteriors mirrors and grille in a way that makes them tough to remove. Finding an effective solution for how to clean bugs off a car can be tricky, but we have a few tips to help you out.

Always be careful whenever attempting to clean your car by hand. If you are using special products or cleaners, make sure they are designed for use with automobiles and will not damage the vehicle. If you have any questions about a certain cleaning solution, feel free to give us a call at 973-594-1700, and we can help guide you.

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how to prevent bugs from getting stuck on carBest Ways to Get Bugs Off Car

  1. Soak with suds: Sometimes insects can be removed by simply hand-washing you car. If they won’t budge with the first spray of the hose, use some car-wash soap, water and a car cleaning mitt to soak the area, which might help loosen them up a bit.
  2. Don’t wait: No matter how you decide to clean bugs off you car, it’s best to remove bugs as soon as possible, as some can cause damage to the finish.
  3. Dryer sheets: This one may sound unusual but many drivers have claimed that wiping a vehicle’s grille with dryer sheets helps the bugs come off effortlessly without damaging the vehicle. Just wet the car and the dryer sheet, and then wipe away.
  4. Find a product: There are quite a few bug removal products out there, so if it comes down to it, find one that works and that you can trust. Contact us to learn more about the products we would recommend.
  5. Prevention: Of course, the best way to get bugs off your car is to prevent them from sticking on there in the first place. You can apply some wax as an additional layer of protection.

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There are even more cleaning methods out there if you do a little searching, but always remember to be careful when putting these methods into practice. Again, whenever using a tool or product not designed for automotive care and cleaning, you should use extreme caution and use them at your own risk. But in most cases, finding an effective solution for how to clean bugs off a car is as simple as just taking your time and using the trusted technique of soaking, washing, rinsing and repeating if necessary.