Find a Way to Get Back to Work If Your Vehicle Breaks Down

angry driver upset after car breaks down on the way to work

Once you have ensured your safety, it’s a good idea to contact your employer right away to alert them to your situation.

How to Get to Work If Your Car Breaks Down

Today, we’re going to attempt to help out people in a very specific predicament. Let’s say you were on your way to work, or maybe you haven’t even left your driveway, and your car breaks down. You either can’t get it to start or your can’t get it to run properly. But, you need to get to work, so how do you get to work if your car breaks down?

Dealing with a broken down car when you’re in a rush can be a frustrating situation. You’re likely flustered and struggling to clearly come up with solutions. That’s why we’re here to help. Just read on for a few suggestions that might help you get back to work safely.

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Tips for Getting to Work When Your Vehicle Breaks Down

pushing broken down car to the side of the roadUsually, if you car breaks down on the road, it’s best to remain in your car until assistance arrives. This is for safety. But, sometimes your vehicle may break down at home, without even starting, or you may be in a bind and need to get to work as soon as possible (but only leave your vehicle if it is safe to do so). Here are a few suggestions to consider.

  1. Take public transportation: Assuming calling a friend or family member is out of the question, consider public transportation. Your options will vary based on where you live, but there’s a good chance you’d be able to either call a taxi or find a bus station nearby, assuming you can safely walk to it.
  2. Get a tow to the nearest dealer: Whether your car breaks down at home or on the road, chances are you’ll be able to contact your nearest dealer to get help setting up a tow or getting some assistance sent out to you. You could contact someone else for roadside assistance, such as AAA or highway patrol. Depending on who you work with, it’s possible that they may be able to help you set up an alternative form of transportation while your vehicle gets fixed.
  3. Use a ridesharing service: Ridesharing services, like Uber and others, might be a helpful option to quickly get you back to work. Some people might feel uncomfortable using such services, however, so feel free to do some research for safety before getting in the vehicle with any strangers.
  4. Contact your job: Chances are that a car breakdown will cause you to be late for work, so you’ll want to contact your employer anyway. But, if you’re running out of viable options, speak to your employer and suggest working from home, finding someone to cover your shift or setting up a carpool. Hopefully, your employer will be understanding of the situation and help you figure out a solution.

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Although you now have some suggestions for how to get to work if your car breaks down, remember that the first thing to consider is your safety, which is why you might consider contacting authorities if your car breaks down in a busy and dangerous area. Also, be sure to contact your employer as soon as possible so that they understand the situation. They might be able to help you narrow down some solutions, depending on their flexibility.

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