How to Listen to Pandora in Your Mazda

Use MAZDA CONNECT™ to Listen to Internet Radio On the Go

How to Listen to Pandora in Your Mazda

These days, when you want to listen to the radio, you have many more options beyond the typical AM or FM radio stations. Internet radio services like Pandora are a good example of this. But did you know that you can use some of these internet radio stations in your car through MAZDA CONNECT™? It’s true, so let us show you how to listen to Pandora in your Mazda.

Pandora is likely one of the more popular internet radio services out there, but the MAZDA CONNECT™ system allows you to listen to others as well, like Stitcher. To keep things simple, however, we’ll focus on Pandora here.

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How to Listen to Internet Radio Through MAZDA CONNECT™

  1. To start, make sure your smartphone is paired with the MAZDA CONNECT™ system. If it’s not, follow this step-by-step guide.
  2. Next, before getting started, make sure that the Pandora app is downloaded to your smartphone. In addition, you’ll want to make sure you are logged into your account through your smartphone, or else create a new account.
  3. From your smartphone, select the Pandora station you’d like to listen to.
  4. From the MAZDA CONNECT™ homescreen, select the “Entertainment” button, which looks like a musical note.
  5. On the next menu, select Pandora. From here, the Pandora station you’ve selected should automatically start playing on your vehicle’s touchscreen. You’ll be able to play the music through your car’s speakers, as well as control it through the infotainment screen.

Should you run into any problems figuring out how to listen to Pandora in your Mazda, be sure to make sure your smartphone is compatible with the MAZDA CONNECT™ system. You can also feel free to contact us at Mazda of Lodi.