Using Cruise Control In Rainy Weather Can Become a Dangerous Problem

Is It Safe to Drive in the Rain With Cruise Control On?

The way many drivers use control can become dangerous when driving in wet weather.

Is It Safe to Drive in the Rain With Cruise Control On?

Cruise control is a great feature in today’s vehicles. It makes highway driving easier and much more relaxing. But when inclement weather strikes, can cruise control perhaps make driving too relaxing? Is it safe to drive in the rain with cruise control on?

It’s a question that seems to be debated among drivers. Of course, the danger in question comes from hydroplaning. There are some who might argue that the danger of hydroplaning is enhanced little with cruise control on because some modern vehicle come equipped with traction control systems that will turn off cruise control automatically if traction is lost, allowing the vehicle to slow down.

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Why You Should Turn Off Cruise Control in the Rain

car driving through rain puddles and hydroplaningThis may not be true for all vehicles, however, especially older ones. Cruise control works to maintain vehicle speed by maintaining a set tire rotation rate, but it isn’t often the way cruise control works that makes it dangerous in wet weather.

The real danger in using cruise control in the rain comes from how drivers use it. Picture yourself driving down the highway with cruise control on. You spot a slower-moving vehicle in the lane ahead of you, and since there is no room for you to pass in another lane, you have to slow down. Do you press the cancel/off button on your cruise control to help you slow down, or do you simply apply the brakes to cancel the cruise control? Most of us would just hit the brakes.

Usually, there would be nothing wrong with turning off the cruise control this way, but if conditions are wet or if your vehicle is already hydroplaning, abruptly hitting the brakes could make matters worse. Using cruise control can also make it hard for you to focus on road conditions, meaning you won’t be able to easily release your foot off the accelerator to slow down before approaching a puddle of standing water rather than hitting the brakes.

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So although some drivers may still consider it safe to drive in the rain with cruise control on, we would recommend not doing so. It is better to leave the cruise control alone in wet conditions so that you have better control over your vehicle and can feel the road, leading to what should hopefully be a safer driving experience.

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