Mazda 3 Color Choices

Red Mazda 3

Soul Red

If you’re thinking about the capable, affordable Mazda3 — whether you’ve set your sights on the four-door sedan or the five-door hatch, we think you’re going to be quite impressed by the options, features, and technology on the latest models. For 2015, you’ve got a nice scheme of Mazda 3 color choices to pick from when it’s time to put the finishing touches on your decision, and today we’ll go over them with you, including which ones will run you a little extra and which are part of the standard offering. Pictured above is Soul Red. This eye-catching color is one of the two that will have a slightly higher cost, but when  you’ve just got to go red, no one’s going to blame you! 

If you don’t decide to go for flashy red, your other extra cost option is an equally dazzling Snowflake White Pearl. You’ll definitely need to do your part to keep it shining like new, but it’ll be well worth it with this gleaming appearance:

White Mazda3

Snowflake White Pearl

White not your thing? How about the opposite — the Yin to white’s Yang:

Black mazda3

Jet Black

Now we move into some metallics: titanium, silver, and a shiny deep gray:

Mazda 3 metallic

Titanium Flash

Silver Mazda color

Liquid Silver

Dark Gray mazda 3

Meteor Gray

Finally, we get into the blues. Unlike most cars which give you a single blue option, the Mazda3 lets you pick between a darker or lighter hue depending on your preference:

Mazda3 Blue color

Blue Reflex

Dark Blue Mazda 3

Deep Crystal Blue

And there you have it — the eight choices you’ll be faced with should you decide to opt for a new Mazda3 sedan here at Mazda of Lodi. Questions about what’s available on the various trim levels, extra costs for the red or white, or maybe you’d like to schedule a test drive with one of our professionals here? Just give us a call!