Mazda Flexes New Technology with Auto Dimming Mirrors

Mazda Auto Dimming Mirrors

Many drivers know a friend or a relative who is not particular fond of night-time driving. In fact, many drivers themselves may prefer to do all of their travel while the sun is still high in the sky. Regardless of individual preference, however, every driver is bound to find themselves in a situation where they’ll have to log a few miles in the cool of the evening dusk.

As part of their quest to deliver cars that take the driving experience to the next level, Mazda is engineering solutions designed to take some of the angst and pain out of the night-time drive. This solution comes in the form of Mazda Auto Dimming Mirrors—a long overdue convenience feature found in new Mazda models like Mazda6 and Mazda CX-5.


Say good-bye to this ancient device and hello to Mazda HomeLink built right into the rearview.

One of the largest challenges of night-time driving is the glare that drivers experience from headlamps in their rearview. Mazda Auto Dimming Mirrors mitigate this hazard by instantly reducing glare seen in the rearview as soon as the ignition is turned. Not to neglect the side mirrors, Mazda’s rearview dimming effect also works in tandem with technology in the side mirrors to ensure that no blinding glare is seen in any rear-looking reflection.

To accommodate the visibility preferences of all drivers, Mazda Auto Dimming Mirrors can be turned on and off as the driver pleases. Glare dimming is not the only feature built into a Mazda rear-view mirror, however. Newly equipped auto dimming units include Mazda HomeLink connectivity which allows drivers to program their automobile to control up to three remote functions such as garage door openers, community gate access, and more. At the very least this will help wary night time drivers get back inside their homes as quickly as possible.

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