Mazda Community Service Highlighted in Humanitarian Aid


Mazda community service recently offered a donation for the American Red Cross to assist victims of flooding in the western United States.

Mazda Community Service

The recent and devastating history of natural disasters in New Jersey has left a sobering empathy in the hearts of local community members. Though sympathy was certainly felt before such loss had been felt in our own state, a deep sense of empathy now is felt for others experiencing similar loss.

At Mazda of Lodi, our thoughts go out the residents of Colorado and every other state in which dangerous flooding has affected lives. We thank every organization that has offered aid and assistance to people in need. We are particularly thankful to the North American offices of Mazda for offering donations to organizations that will assist the people of Colorado in regaining a sense of normalcy as they recover from the effects of mass flooding.

Service and engagement are significant privileges in Mazda’s responsibilities as a member of individual communities. The sense of responsibility felt by Mazda community service prompted a donation of funds to both the American Red Cross and the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.

Jim O’Sullivan, president of Mazda North American Operations, explained the outreach of Mazda community service this way: “The flooding across the states of Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico has been absolutely devastating not only for the people living there but their 4-legged loved ones as well.”


The North American Operations of Mazda also donated to the Human Society of Boulder Valley.

While many in New Jersey are familiar with the operations of the Red Cross, the Humane Society of Boulder Valley is a community supported rescue facility that provides medical and behavioral services to more than 9,000 animals each year.

Mazda of Lodi would once again like to thank Mazda of North America for the care they have shown for flood-affected communities and their pets. With Mazda community service efforts providing humanitarian aid across the country, it is an honor to be associated with a community-conscious brand.