Concept Cars Provide Glimpse of Future Mazda Vehicles

Mazda Concept Cars


Many of the redesigned features of the 2014 Mazda6 were pulled from the Shinari concept car.

It’s always interesting to look at the concept car designs that manufacturers are releasing, and with Mazda always focusing on the design of their vehicles, their concept cars are usually among the most interesting. An exact replica of a concept car will almost never be available for mass production because they’re not really made for practical use. Rather, the Mazda concept cars focus on showing off new design elements or technology.

Concept cars act as a sort of guinea pig for future models, which is why they’re always being revealed at auto shows. It allows manufacturers to gauge the interest of consumers and find out the elements that they like about the concept car. They then take those ideas and attempt to incorporate them into their designs. For example, the Shinari concept model pictured above was the inspiration for the redesigned Mazda6. If you compare the two models, you can pretty much see that the Mazda6 is just a dulled, more practical version of the Shinari.


While the two-passenger Mazda Taiki concept car looks awesome, it will probably never be released for practicality reasons.

As we said, most of the Mazda concept models have some pretty wild designs. Let’s take a look at one of the craziest looking models.

The Mazda Taiki is definitely one of the most futuristic looking of the seven concept models that Mazda has revealed. It was designed to visually express the flow of air, as the focus of the concept car is aerodynamics. The Taiki was revealed five years ago, and as you can tell from looking at our new car inventory, it hasn’t been released yet. For safety and practicality, it’s not likely that you ever will see this crazy looking Mazda in Lodi, NJ.

Some of the other concept models from Mazda can be seen below. It’s possible that we will be seeing one of these models in the future. For example, the Hakaze concept could eventually become the Mazda CX-5. The crossover may just begin to take certain aspects of its design over the years until it completely transforms into something identical to the concept model. Or it could just adopt the design next year. The thing with concept cars is that you never really know. As always, be sure to keep checking back on the Mazda of Lodi blog so that you can find out the latest Mazda news as it becomes available.