Join Mazda in Helping Charities This Season Through the 2015 Mazda Drive for Good Program

Mazda Drive for Good 2015 what is mazda drive for good

The Mazda Drive for Good program helps charities through monetary donations and volunteer hours.

Mazda Drive for Good 2015

A lot of people know of an non-profit organization that they have fallen in love with, but that is largely unknown by the rest of the world. We believe that when people do great things, they should be recognized and heard. Thankfully, so does Mazda. That is why they, in partnership with NBCUniversal, are launching the Mazda Drive for Good 2015 program.

What is Mazda Drive for Good?

If you’re not familiar with what Mazda Drive for Good is or what the program does, let us explain. The program is designed to help a nonprofit group with the work they are doing by donating resources for the effort.

Mazda Drive for Good 2015 Organizations and projects can be nominated, and the one selected will receive an in-kind contribution valued at $30,000. Charity submissions will be taken starting October 14 and until October 28.

But it doesn’t end there. There are ways you can help too. If you’re looking into buying or leasing a new Mazda, now is the time to act.

Every time a new Mazda is taken for a test drive between November 23, 2015 and January 4, 2016, a pledge for one hour of charitable service will be made for the 2016 calendar year. In the past two years, Mazda has donated over 120,000 hours in volunteer service to local charities. Can you help increase the number this year?

But wait, because there is still more. During that same time period, each time a new Mazda is purchased or leased, a $150 donation will be made to one of four national or 40 local charities. You get to pick. Through these efforts, Mazda has managed to donate over $7.9 million in the last two years.

We hope you’ll consider being a part of Mazda Drive for Good 2015, even if it just means scheduling a test drive with us. Like we said, now is the time to take a look at our new Mazda models and help Mazda do some good this season.