KBB Recognizes Mazda Five Year Cost of Ownership Value


The Mazda five-year cost of ownership value will have you leaving lesser auto brands in the rear-view.

Mazda Five Year Cost of Ownership

Shoppers in the market for a new car are wise to consider the cost required to drive a vehicle home from the dealership. This includes obvious costs like the vehicle down payment, as well as often overlooked expenses like sales tax. Drivers are also wise to consider what a car will cost them over the long haul. It goes without saying that a new car is a significant investment, and ensuring manageable fuel budgets and maintenance costs goes a long way in making that investment worthwhile several years down the road.


Mazda’s low cost of ownerships allows you to keep your cash where it belongs.

The auto industry typically identifies these discussions as “cost of ownership” considerations. While many websites determine their own data, Kelley Blue Book (KBB) is one of the most respected sources that compares cost of ownership measures between similar vehicles. Fortunately for SkyActiv drivers, Mazda five-year cost of ownership has been recognized as the most affordable among all non-luxury brands. This is the second year in a row that Mazda has earned KBB’s top award in their Cost to Own series.

Since the award recognizes the entire brand, drivers behind the wheel of every model receive a guarantee that their Mazda five-year cost of ownership is as competitive as can be. From Mazda2 to Mazda CX-9, the comprehensive approach to Mazda quality is proving to pay dividends for zoom-zoom drivers everywhere.

As alluded to above, cost of ownership takes into consideration the expenses that drivers incur over the life of a vehicle. This certainly includes fuel costs and service fees, but cost of ownership also accounts for much more. Auto insurance is a fee that drivers pay continually for the life of a vehicle, and it turns out that Mazda insurance rates are among the lowest available. Mazda vehicles also fight off depreciation with strong residual values.

It was always known that vehicles in the Mazda line were some of the most enjoyable cars to drive on the road. Now we have repeat proof that they’re also some of the most affordable. To start your journey to low Mazda five-year cost of ownership, click to browse the full selection of new vehicles at Mazda of Lodi.