Global Sales and the Mazda World We All Live In


The rise of Mazda global sales is bringing this trusted to logo to drivers all across the world.

Mazda Global Sales

It’s Mazda’s world and we’re all just living in it.

The automaker behind designs like Mazda6 and the MX-5 Miata has just released the Mazda global sales numbers for the year, and all indications are that the Mazda movement is taking the world by storm. March 31 marks the end of the fiscal year in the Japanese market, and things have never been better in the 100 years that Mazda has been around.

As far as profits are concerned, Mazda’s global operating profits increased by 238 percent when compared to the previous fiscal year. That’s an incredible number, and it may even warrant a new way to speak about what Mazda is doing on a global level.


It is no longer just a movement. We now live in a Mazda world.

The Mazda movement was referred to a moment ago, but the circumstances that surround the Mazda brand are more indicative of a revolution than a mere movement. Due to Mazda’s decision to apply SkyActiv methodologies in making the traditional gas engine the best that it can be, Mazda may have been viewed as an automaker that was desperately trying to grasp onto the past. Those, however, who truly understand the technology can see that Mazda is one of the few automakers that are truly creating clean, efficient cars that the everyday driver can afford and enjoy.

The growing popularity of Mazda vehicles in European markets speaks to this. In fact, the growing popularity of Mazda everywhere is a testament to the automaker’s ability to stick to their guns and deliver the type of engines they said that they would.

As a local Mazda dealer, Mazda of Lodi thinks it’s great to be on this ride with Mazda. And all this is before the next-generation MX-5 hits dealerships and goes on sale. Makes one wonder what the report will be come next April…