Popping the Question with a Mazda Miata Marriage Proposal


The answer to this Mazda Miata marriage proposal was a heartfelt “Yes.”

Mazda Miata Marriage Proposal

Whenever the holiday gift-giving season starts to dawn, there is one question that will inevitably be asked, re-asked, and asked again. “What do you get that one person who already has it all?”

In many ways, the story behind the image posted above is similar to that person in your life who is difficult to shop for. From a collection of classic roadsters to true love and remote-controlled drones, the Mazda Miata marriage proposal that has been making its way around the Internet is a story that certainly has it all.


The Mazda Miata has always been a car known for romance and allure.

The story features Colin Burgess, a man whose first encounter with fiancé Caitlin Lainoff included a request to take a ride in his 1992 Mazda MX-5 Miata. So when the time came for Colin to finally pop the question, there was no doubt in his mind that Mazda’s classic coupe would somehow play a role in the special occasion.

Joined by 43 other MX-5 roadsters, Colin organized his Mazda Miata marriage proposal in the parking lot of a local, California high school. The additional vehicles required to spell out “Marry Me?” came from an appeal to fellow drivers who frequented the Miata.net forum. Altogether, 44 cars showed up to help Colin make the marriage proposal of a lifetime…

And now for the drone. Aerial photography is one part of Colin’s professional job description, and the remote-control drone at his disposal was meant to capture some aerial shots of local real estate—at least that’s the story that Caitlin heard. Much to her surprise, she and Colin were actually watching live footage of the aerial drone hovering over the parking lot seen above. After realizing that the Mazda Miata marriage proposal was meant for her, Caitlin gladly said, “Yes.”

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