Protect Your Car’s Performance with a Mazda Oil Change in New Jersey


Mazda of Lodi will be happy to care for your car by popping the hood for a Mazda oil change in New Jersey.

Mazda Oil Change in New Jersey

It is no secret that the Mazda engine is a finely crafted piece of automotive engineering. As SkyActiv technology grabs headline after headline, the dream of one automaker to make gasoline combustion engines more efficient approaches recognition as a global phenomenon. There is a distinct difference, however, between the universal respect Mazda engineering draws and the personal appreciation that lives in the heart of each Mazda driver.

Each time a driver turns the ignition on a Mazda vehicle, the thrill of well-crafted performance is felt on a personal level. For this reason, Mazda drivers are wise to protect their investment with routine maintenance services. As the “routine” distinction suggests, sometimes the simplest measures can have the most positive long term effects on your engine. Having a Mazda oil change in New Jersey is one such routine measure.


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In one sense, the benefit of changing your oil and oil filter regularly is common knowledge. In another sense, the exact function of automotive oil may be a little less clear. Since getting a Mazda oil change in New Jersey is an important maintenance measure for local drivers, Mazda of Lodi offers three reasons why staying on top your oil is good idea.

1. Oil keeps your engine clean.  Dirty engines can start to lose power and efficiency.  After time, deposits in your engine start to build up and affect the way your engine works. An oil change removes all of the dirty deposits from your engine’s vital moving parts.

2. Oil protects.  Automotive oil is designed to protect your engine from wear and corrosion. Good oil helps battle the corrosion that can be caused by condensation and other byproducts. A Mazda oil change in New Jersey ensures that your engine is always at its corrosion-fighting best.

3. Oil lubricates.  Engine oil lubricates all of the moving parts inside of the engine, battling wear and power loss as the result of friction.  Friction is an engine’s worse enemy and can cause some serious damage.

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