Superior Design Yields Efficiency with the Mazda SkyActiv Vehicle Body


By straightening some of the frame components, Mazda increased rigidity with the SkyActiv vehicle body by 30 percent.

Mazda SkyActiv Vehicle Body

Mazda fans and frequent readers of the Mazda of Lodi blog are likely to know a thing or two about SkyActiv technology. Of course, SkyActiv represents the unique approach to vehicle design that Mazda has devised to bring drivers hybrid-like fuel economy with traditional combustion mechanics. This includes Mazda’s innovative suite of SkyActiv engines, but it also includes much, much more.


The Mazda SkyActiv vehicle body works with engine technology and other advanced components to yield one of the most efficient rides on the road today.

The Mazda of Lodi blog recently looked at the game-changing transmissions developed as part of the SkyActiv lineup, and now attention is turned to the Mazda SkyActiv vehicle body. The body of a vehicle provides housing and support for all of the important automotive components, and a SkyActiv body does all of that with more strength and less weight than its closest competitors.

When it comes to the merits of any vehicle body, weight and rigidity truly are the primary considerations for quality. Weight is rather straightforward and rigidity refers to a character that tends to maintain its shape, even under stressful circumstances. The image at the top of the page illustrates how Mazda was able to achieve an increased rigidity with the Mazda SkyActiv vehicle body. By modifying a traditional design to incorporate a straighter and more continuous frame, Mazda created a body 30 percent more rigid than is typically used in vehicle construction.

The goal to reduce frame weight also prompted Mazda to assess the materials used in building its vehicle bodies. For the Mazda SkyActiv vehicle body, the zoom-zoom automaker looked to lightweight and durable high-tensile steel. With that material used on most SkyActiv body components, the frames used in Mazda’s newest vehicle lineup are up to eight percent lighter than the previous generation.

In conjunction with a SkyActiv engine and transmission, a Mazda SkyActiv vehicle body ultimately makes Mazda one of the most fuel efficient automakers in the world today. To experience the SkyActiv difference in northern New Jersey, click to schedule a test drive with Mazda of Lodi today.