Celebrate the Hope of Heat with Mazda Spring Cleaning


It is best to begin your Mazda spring cleaning routine with a salt-removing car wash.

Mazda Spring Cleaning

Though the advent of spring is not all fun and games for local motorists, the promise of warmer weather does allow drivers to place their thoughts on the tradition of spring cleaning. As a general rule, people tend to associate spring cleaning with the deep sweep they give their homes—but vehicle space is equally as important to clean and maintain.


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When warm weather is finally ushered in for the season, your vehicle’s floor mats and upholstery are not likely to be the first order of business, however. Due to the unpleasant dusting of road salt that robs your automobile of color, a car wash is typically the first Mazda spring cleaning chore that is checked off the list. Not only will this make your Mazda look and feel fresh for the spring, but removing the salt from the body of your vehicle reduces the chance of any paint-chipped portions rusting through on account of the chemicals.

After the exterior of your car has been cleaned, it’s time to finally open the doors up and let the vehicle breathe the sweet air of a new-year spring. In addition to the lack of fresh air that has cycled through the car in the frigid winter months, it is likely that the automobile hasn’t seen a vacuum cleaner in quite some time either. Remove the floor mats and lean on vacuum power to remove any salt, sand, and other debris that has been tracked into the car. Remember that the quality of the upholstery in your automobile can affect the car’s resale value. So no Mazda spring cleaning effort is likely to go too far.

As all of the cars on the Mazda of Lodi lot look to recover from a snowy winter season, our staff will be busy doing plenty of spring cleaning on our own. If your Mazda spring cleaning efforts require official product or professional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Mazda of Lodi today.