Don’t Forget How to Drive in the Snow

driving in the snowMistakes You Didn’t Know You Made Driving in the Snow

Got your ice scraper in your car already and are ready to put that remote start to work this winter season? Driving in the snow isn’t anything new for us, and yet the first heavy snowfall always seems to take drivers by surprise and many people seem to forget how to drive. Even expert drivers get a little too relaxed and overly confident driving in the winter months, so be sure to check out some of the mistakes you didn’t know you made driving in the snow.

Car Lengths Apart

Following a car too closely accounts for a large majority of accidents during the winter. Drivers underestimate how much time it will take their vehicle to slow down, or come to a complete stop and find themselves skidding into the vehicle ahead of them. Make sure you allow more than a car length’s of space ahead of your when driving through the city, and much wider gap when traveling at higher speeds on the highway.

driving in snowy conditionsGet a Grip

How is the traction on your tires? Are they worn down or practically bald? Make sure your tires are inflated and there is enough tread still; otherwise, you may want to consider picking up a set of all-weather tires to prevent skidding and sliding around.

Frosty the…Snowy Windshield

Late to work and your windshield isn’t just frosted over, it’s entirely frozen? Crank up the defroster and start chipping away at the parts you can to let the warm air blast away at the frozen glass. Driving with reduced visibility is going to increase your odds of an accident or getting pulled over. If you can, start your car while you get ready for work or park in a garage.

Steady Breaking

If you feel your vehicle starting to lose control across the ice and you’re skidding out of control, try your best not to slam on the breaks, this will actually reduce the amount of traction your tires have. Steady breaking is the best option for vehicles with an anti-lock brake system, and those without ABS, pumping your brakes quickly will help to slow you down faster.

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