Does New Jersey Have a No Texting Law?

New Jersey No Texting While Driving Law

Stay safe on the road by following your state’s cell phone usage laws and limiting all cell phone use while driving.

New Jersey No Texting While Driving Law

Many states have begun implementing laws that prohibit using a cell phone to text while driving. If you live in New Jersey, or are coming to visit, you may wonder if there is a New Jersey no texting while driving law. Read on to find out and learn more about what other cell phone usage laws are in place in New Jersey and around the country.

Distracted driving can occur when you use your cell phone while behind the wheel, and it is never safe. If you must use a cell phone and it is legal in your state, we encourage you to use hands-free capabilities, such as those that can be found in new Mazda models.

New Jersey does have a no texting while driving law, but like many states, it takes things even further to maintain safe driving practices on the road. In addition to the texting ban that applies to all drivers, New Jersey also has a hand-held ban for all drivers and a full cell phone ban for those with a learner’s permit and intermediate license holders.

Texting while driving and hand-held bans can vary from state to state. Most states, however, have some sort of law that works to limit cell phone use for safe driving. This can be especially true for young drivers.

Before you travel, be sure to look up the cell phone usage laws for each state you plan to drive through if you intend to use your cell phone. The best thing to do, however, is set up hands-free cell phone usage in your vehicle before you hit the road, or simply take a break from the outside world and just enjoy the adventure.

Now that you know about the New Jersey no texting while driving law, be sure to stay safe on the road. If you have questions about hands-free cell phone capabilities in Mazda models, be sure to contact us at Mazda of Lodi. You can also feel free to schedule a test drive to see just how safe a Mazda can be.