New York Tailgate Tips


Cleaning up your tailgate party is always the right thing to do. Being prepared with clean up supplies is a great New York tailgate tip.

New York Tailgate Tips

The New York Jets’ tailgate recipe of the month is Cabernet Sauvignon braised beef and cranberry sandwiches. Though the recipe seems relatively easy to follow, the juxtaposition of braised cranberry sandwiches and typical tailgate fare reveals the inherent beauty of the eclectic pregame parking lot party. Whether your tailgate generally resembles a wine tasting or an old fashioned brewery tour, Mazda of Lodi has some practical New York tailgate tips to help make the most of your Sunday afternoons.

The contest on the field is an exciting event unto itself. Tailgating provides the unique opportunity to take that excitement and extend it by a few hours. For this reason, attention to timing is one of the most important New York tailgate tips.

Attending a game is akin to a few-hour vacation. Undue stress that dampers your vacation is easily avoided by giving yourself enough time to tailgate properly.  To enjoy a timely and relaxing tailgate, be sure to arrive at the stadium at least three hours prior to kickoff. The extra time to enjoy a meal and friendly fellowship makes the entire time spent in the parking lot worthwhile.


The generous cargo space included with Mazda CX-5 makes it a great New York tailgate option.

To be honest, many of the best New York tailgate tips are all acted on before the party even starts. We’re talking about preparation and it is key to a clean and well organized tailgate. After you enter the stadium parking lot, there is no opportunity to backtrack for any items you may have forgotten to pack. Consider this: anything you would need to pack for a camping trip is necessary for a tailgate, too. Cleaning up after your party is the right thing to do. So make room for napkins, trash bags, and hand sanitizer.

Though a survey of a thousand other football fans would yield a thousand other New York tailgate tips, everything boils down to fun and responsibility. In this and every season, Mazda of Lodi wishes a fun and responsible time on all tailgaters in New York and New Jersey.