Road Tripping With The Rugrats

mazda mini vanRoad Trip Tips with Kids

Planning ahead is going to be your strongest ally when traveling with kids of any age. If you know you have a long haul ahead of you, and want to try and make the most of it, take a gander at these road trip tips with kids.

  1. More memorable than McDonalds

If you’re able to, check online before you leave and plan out some fun places to stop if your schedule allows for it. Something like having a picnic, or eating at a historic restaurant might be a fun way for everyone to get some grub and unwind a little.

  1. Scenery not selfies

Okay…maybe one selfie, but giving a child a camera, whether it’s just a toy one or something disposal is a great way to help them become more observant while having fun. Might even get a few funny pictures out of it.

  1. Tell me a story

Reading in the car is a quick way to get car sick for some, but why not try listening to some books on CDs or making up a storytelling game that gets everyone’s imagination and creativity running.mazda in new jersey

  1. Something new

Throw together a little travel bag with new little toys like coloring books, word searches, puzzle games, or clay. Usually these are just junk isles when you’re  at the store, but fun new little things like this while trapped in the car for hours can be exciting.

  1. Trivia

This can be fun for kids ranging in age. It encourages them to ask you questions they’ve learned in school, give you a chance to teach them something new, and you can even quiz them on family members  to learn a little more about their family history.

Hopefully at least one or two of these tips will help you out on your next journey, and if you’re thinking about a new vehicle, we would like to invite you to Mazda of Lodi. If you haven’t driven a Mazda before, it’s unlike most any other vehicles you’ve been in, and we would love to encourage you to explore our inventory and schedule a test drive if something looks appealing.