Get Your Car Ready for Winter!

Get your car ready for winter at Mazda of Lodi!

Get your car ready for winter at Mazda of Lodi!

Service Special at Mazda of Lodi

Whether we want to admit it or not, winter is coming and it’s time to start getting ready for it. The bitter winds and snowy days are on their way and your car might need some help getting ready. There are a few major areas to check in your vehicle to make sure it’s ready for the harsh winter ahead. Luckily there is a service special at Mazda of Lodi available right now to make the process a little easier for local Mazda drivers. Here are a few things to get checked before winter arrives.

Schedule an appointment with our service professionals today!

Schedule an appointment with our service professionals today!

The first thing to do is make sure you are up to date on your cars oil change routine. Getting your oil changed is an important way to keep your car running its best. Another good idea to get ready for winter, is to put an emergency kit in your vehicle. Mazda even sells its own kit that has everything you need including a folding reflective triangle, flashlight, emergency blanket, rain poncho, cotton gloves, shop towel and multi-function tool. Buying this kit from Mazda is much easier than assembling all these items yourself.

Don't let this be you this winter!

Don’t let this be you this winter!

It is also important to get different parts of your car checked for possible problems. One important thing area to check is your car’s belts and hoses. The belts and hoses under your car’s hood should be checked every 30,000 miles or so. Cold temperatures can weaken belts and hoses causing them to snap, so making sure they are in good condition will prevent a costly bill from the towing company. You should also have your tire pressure checked and consider getting snow tires. Ice roads can be even more dangerous without the appropriate tires.

All of these winter tips might seem overwhelming but Mazda at Lodi is here to make it all a little bit easier. Right now we are offering a coupon for winter service specials. Our service department will:

Replace engine oil
Rotate and inspect tires
Check brake wear
Check engine coolant
Check coolant system for leaks
Check and top off fluid levels
Check belts and hoses
Check and adjust tire pressure
Check exhaust system
Check constant velocity boots

With the service coupon, they will do all of this for only $39.95 (with standard oil). Schedule a service appointment at Mazda of Lodi today to avoid getting stranded this winter!