Mazda Spring Cleaning tips

Clean your Mazda in time for Spring!

Spring Cleaning tips for Mazda vehicles

Spring has arrived, which means it is a great time to get your Mazda vehicle cleaned out and ready for the beautiful months ahead! Cleaning your vehicle can be an arduous task, but following these tips can help you be thorough and get it done!

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Tips to clean your Mazda vehicle

Now that winter is over, it is important to get the grime and dirt off of your vehicle to help prevent damage to the paint or rust. Here are some spring cleaning tips to get your Mazda summer-ready:

  • Clean underneath your floor mats. Many people will vacuum their floor mats, but there is likely dirt and debris underneath them too. If you want a fully clean vehicle, take out the floor mats and clean out underneath them.
  • Check for trash. In the winter when it is freezing outside, cleaning out the trash from your vehicle is not something most people want to do. But now that it is nice again, clear out all the accumulated junk that may have fallen under the seats or been stuffed in the glove compartment or seatback pockets.
  • Wipe down all surfaces. Winter tends to bring germs along with it, so open the doors of your car and wipe clean every surface, especially ones you touch often like the door handles and window/door buttons, radio controls, steering wheel and shift knob.
  • Clean the seats. If you want a thorough cleaning, wipe down the seats in addition to all other surfaces. If you have a cloth interior, use a hot, wet cloth. If you have a leather interior, use leather cleaner and a cloth.
  • Wash and wax. Washing your vehicle is important to get all of the grime of winter off, but waxing is also important to help seal the paint and keep your Mazda clean for longer. Also make sure to wash underneath your vehicle, as that is the area most affected by the harshness of winter.

Mazda6 Spring Cleaning

Mazda of Lodi wants you to drive into spring with a clean, shiny vehicle. For all of your service needs, you can schedule an appointment online with our service department!