two cars driving during winter snow storm

Stay Safe With These Winter Weather Driving Tips

The Winter season is back, and that means that more than likely, inclement weather is just around the corner. Before you venture out into the harsh conditions of Bergen County in the Winter, take a look at our list of Winter driving tips to refresh your memory. Remember, too, the best Winter driving tip is to stay home, if you can, during severe weather. We know this list isn’t complete, but hopefully, there are enough ideas here to get you thinking and preparing for your own Winter driving.

Top Tips For Winter Driving in Bergen County, NJ

  • cut out of a wheel driving through winter snow stormDrive slowly
    Perhaps the most difficult thing about driving in the harsh conditions is braking. To stop your vehicle safely, you’ll need extra time. Know if you have anti-lock brakes to determine whether you should pump your brakes or slam them in case of a potential accident.
  • Pay Extra Close Attention
    When the weather is bad, all bets are off. It may be difficult to recognize familiar locations, traffic signs and even other vehicles. Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road, rather than playing with the radio or checking your messages on your smartphone.
  • Avoid Using Cruise Control
    If you lose traction while driving with cruise control, your wheels will continue to spin and accelerate, throwing your car into a difficult-to-manage position. Cruise control also makes it easy to lose focus while driving. It’s best to avoid cruise control for the Winter.
  • Give Yourself Extra Room
    Braking or other quick actions are much more difficult in severe weather, so make sure you have more than enough room in front of you in case you need to stop suddenly. Defensive driving can save your life in the harsh conditions of Winter.
  • Keep Your Vehicle Clean
    Scrape all of your windows and mirrors before driving to make sure you have adequate vision. Don’t forget to clean your hood and roof to avoid snow blowing and obstructing yours or other vehicles’ view.

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Another important Winter driving tip is to make sure your vehicle is an adequate condition to handle the harsh conditions ahead. Schedule a service appointment online and get your vehicle into Mazda of Lodi to have our team of experts make sure your vehicle is safe and ready to perform this coming Winter season! Contact us or stop in and talk to a member of our knowledgeable team today!