Tips & Tricks: 10 Things to Check On Your Vehicle Ahead of a Summer Road Trip

Summer is just around the corner and that means that it’s time to get out and go on an adventure! There’s nothing better than hitting the open road with family or friends, but before you get in your vehicle and hit the open road, make sure you’ve checked to make sure your vehicle can handle the stress of all the extra driving. Keep reading to see our 10-item checklist for vehicle maintenance ahead of your summer road trip plans!

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Vehicle Maintenance Checklist for Summer Drivingmechanic holding wrench

  1. Check to make sure your vehicle is up to date with oil and filter changes. Making sure all of your fluids are topped off will help to ensure your vehicle doesn’t overheat.
  2. How are your tires? Check the pressure of your tires before traveling. Excessive heat can affect your tire’s pressure. Make sure they have been rotated recently, as well.
  3. Does your battery hold a charge? Test your battery’s level and replace it ahead of any long trip. No one wants to get stranded.
  4. Test your air conditioner. There’s nothing worse than learning your A/C is broken after taking off.
  5. Have your brakes checked if you are planning to travel in any mountains or steep terrain and have the brake fluid replaced!
  6. Make sure your lights are clean and functioning properly if you plan on traveling at night.
  7. Ensure that you have an emergency road kit in case of something unexpected.
  8. Double check your cooling system. Making sure your coolant levels are topped and the hoses are free from any leaks or cracks will help to ensure your vehicle remains at an optimal temperature.
  9. Avoid hassle or getting lost by keeping a spare cell phone charger in your glove compartment. If you’re using your phone as a GPS, this could be the difference between getting lost or arriving safely.
  10. Schedule an appointment to have your vehicle examined by our knowledgeable team!

To make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape ahead of the summer road trip season, bring it down to Mazda of Lodi in Bergen County, NJ. Our skilled team of trained technicians is happy to take care of routine maintenance as well as more-involved repairs. Check out our service menu for more information about the services we offer.