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There are times when you want something brand spankin’ new, times when you’re looking for a recent model year pre-owned with a single previous owner… and then there’s right now. Sometimes you want something you’d affectionately call a beater (though to be clear all of our used models have been thoroughly inspected so you know exactly what condition they’re in when you buy!), something that’s seen its share of the open road already… you want something on the cheap. Nothing wrong with that. When you want to see a great selection of used cars under $10,000 in NJ, Mazda of Lodi has plenty for you to peruse. 

So why buy a used car from us here at Mazda of Lodi? Start by checking out our inventory of used cars under ten grand:

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As you can see, the selection ranges from models over ten years old to more recent models that just managed to get a pretty admirable number of miles under their belts in a short time — often these models were well taken care of and have a lot of great life left in them — that’s where you come in. And when you want to talk to a sales person about taking one for a test drive, that’s where we come in.

If you will need to work out financing on your new (to you, that is) vehicle, you can easily get approved for credit online by filling out our simple, easy-to-use form, or you can always stop in and see us for further information.

When you buy a used model here at Mazda of Lodi, we’ll be sure to give you a detailed history report on the vehicle and answer any questions you might have about it. Looking to do a trade with the car you’re driving now? Our fast, free appraisal process makes it easy, but first, go ahead and calculate your trade online using our simple tool.

Questions? Give us a call!