2018 mazda6 5 door in grey

Video: Mazda Highlights Takumi Craftsmanship Throughout the Model Lineup

While Mazda vehicles may impress with their performance ability or their innovative safety technology, the real highlight of a Mazda model is its design. The focus on detail, creativity and more. Designers and modelers get a sense of artistic creativity in crafting a Mazda vehicle, and they hope this “soul” comes through to the driver. Scroll down to check out a video about the Takumi Craftsmen who make each Mazda a unique and satisfying product.

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Mazda’s design principles focus on craftsmanship, creativity


“Beauty is something that resonates in your heart and catches your eye, isn’t it? We try and think about how beauty can be found in the ordinary and everyday, and we try to realize that in turn with the shapes that we create. The way materials are put together becomes very important when taking all this into consideration.”
– Osamu Fujiki, hard-clay modeler at Mazda’s Design Headquarters in Hiroshima, Japan


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