What Does the Mazda Traffic Sign Recognition System Do?

Mazda’s Traffic Sign Recognition Technology Keeps Your From Missing Important Road Signs

What Does the Mazda Traffic Sign Recognition System Do?

New for the 2017 Mazda6 is the Traffic Sign Recognition System. As often happens with new vehicle technologies like this, the name suggests what the system can do, but some additional details can be helpful to fully understand it. So, what does the Mazda Traffic Sign Recognition System do?

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Put simply, the goal of the Traffic Sign Recognition System is to detect and read road signs. By identifying this information it can then be displayed on the vehicle’s Active Driving Display. The types of signs that could be displayed to warn you include speed limit signs, “do not enter” signs and stop signs.

We all know how easy it can be to start daydreaming about things other than driving during our regular commute. This makes it easy to miss important traffic signs and changes in speed. By adding these things to the Active Driving Display, you’ll hopefully be made more aware of them.

How Does Mazda Traffic Sign Recognition System Work?

mazda excessive speed warningThis all sounds pretty high tech doesn’t it? Well, the way it works is actually pretty simple with some already existing technology.

Traffic signs are detected and read using the car’s Forward Sensing Camera. This information can also be pulled from the navigation system if it is stored there.

Moreover, by detecting your speed, the system can alert you should you be going over the recognized speed limit sign. Not only will the speed limit sign be displayed on the Active Driving Display, but it will also flash in an amber color and then emit a warning sound, which stops should you continue to exceed the speed limit. Do note, however, that this excessive speed warning is inoperable by default but can be activated if you choose to utilize it.

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Paying attention to road signs just became easier thanks to what the Mazda Traffic Sign Recognition System does to alert you to important roadway markings. If you’d like to learn more or want to see the system in action, contact us here at Mazda of Lodi.